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Our Story

Humble Beginnings

We initially entered the ice business through our convenience store in Sarasota, where we noticed a high demand for ice from nearby restaurants who would frequently have equipment issues or run out of ice entirely.

Overcoming Challenges

Our ice supply would rapidly deplete, leading to frequent calls to our ice delivery service who would take days to refill us. This would lead to many days where our nearby customers were also not receiving the ice they needed.

Producing On Our Own

After getting tired of this, we decided to buy our own ice maker and make deliveries for whoever called. Quickly we realized that the ice business was for us, and we began to expand by investing in an ice manufacturing plant.

Expansion & Success

Since then, we have continued our efforts of expansion by opening two other ice manufacturing plants in Orlando and Fort Myers as well as two distribution plants in Tampa and Cocoa, quickly becoming one of Florida’s top ice suppliers. 

Our Mission

Picture of Lee's Ice Trucks at Central Florida Location

Don't Run Out - We Deliver!

We strive to be the most reliable and fast responding in the industry. When you call because you’re out of ice, never worry because we are on it. With scheduled ice deliveries for weekly/biweekly refills and emergency ice delivery for when you run out unexpectedly, our staff is dedicated to getting you the ice that your business needs. 

Join Our Team!

Become a Delivery Driver or Work In Ice Production