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Ice Delivery

Don't Run Out - We Deliver!

At Lee’s Ice we understand that your business needs a dependable and fast-responding ice delivery service. That is why our trucks are on the road 7 days a week, delivering to scheduled locations and responding to call in orders. We are committed to providing our partnered locations with a constant supply of bagged ice, making it our mission to make sure they are never left with an empty ice chest!

Lee's Ice Delivery Driver, Delivering Bagged Ice to 7-11

Who We Service

Gas Stations

Convenience Stores

Grocery Stores




Industrial Job Sites

Sporting Venues

Special Events

*Contact us to find out if we can service your location if your business type isn't listed.

Let Us Service Your Business!

Take The First Step To a Constant Supply of Ice Today!


We deliver bagged ice in two sizes, 10lb. and 20lb. We will also deliver 10lb. block ice with an minimum order of 300$.

We have locations in Orlando, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Tampa and Cocoa. We provide ice delivery services to the nearby areas. Find the closest plant by visiting our locations page.

We deliver to most locations weekly or biweekly, but if you are running low never hesitate to give us a call!