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Snow Events

Bringing Snow To Florida!

Our exciting snow events bring winter to any occasion, from festivals and birthday parties to corporate events and more. Available from October through February, these experiences are great for kids of all ages and even adults, creating memories that will last forever.

Snow Events
Snow Slide

Snow Slide

Slide Into Winter With Us!

Snow Piles

For Building Snowmen & Snowball Fights

Snow Event - Snow Pile - Snowmaking

*We kindly ask that you call 2 weeks in advance for all snow events

Experience The Magic of Snow In Florida!

Take The First Step To Securing Snow For Your Next Event!


Snow events are special occasions where snowmaking services are used to create winter-themed activities and atmospheres, ideal for parties and gatherings in areas without natural snowfall.

We request that you reserve your snow pile or snow slide 2 weeks in advance.

– We ask that you provide enough space 

Snow Pile: Minimum purchase of 2 tons 

Snow Slide: minimum purchase of 2 tons, 3 Volunteers