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Our Water

The water we use goes through an advanced filtration process to filter out any impurities and uphold the highest standard of purity. By testing our water and collecting samples we ensure that our ice is always clear and clean for human consumption. 

Freezing Process

Using advanced freezing technology, our tube ice is engineered for durability and clarity, making it the ideal choice for any beverage. Its snowless, clear appearance ensures that it not only lasts longer but also maintains the highest quality.

No Human Contact

After freezing, our ice is mechanically processed and placed into bags, which are then securely sealed with a heat press. This automated process ensures that there is no human contact and each bag of ice is made with the same attention to detail. 

Commitment To Safety

Our ice is stored and delivered with care to guarantee you receive the highest quality ice. We adhere to the top industry standards throughout the production, handling, and storage processes, ensuring every bag of ice is safe to eat or drink.

Looking For a Water Analysis Sample?