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10 Pound & 20 Pound Bag of Ice

Bagged Ice

High Quality Ice Delivered To A Store Near You!

At Lee’s Ice we offer pure, long lasting bags of ice in convenient 10 pound bags for everyday use or 20 pound bags for larger gatherings. Made with purified water and advanced freezing technology, our bagged ice is perfect for every occasion. Pick some up at our partnered locations today!

Our Process

An Innovative Approach To Ice

Dedicated To Clean Ice

By using advanced water filtration systems, we make sure your bagged ice is always clean & pure.

Filling & Sealing Our Bags

Automated machinery fills and heat seals every bag with precision, minimizing human contact and maximizing hygiene.

Stacking & Storing

Robots then take the bags of ice and stack them on pallets which are stored in our controlled-temperature freezer facility.

Delivering Your Ice

Our Drivers deliver the bags of ice from the pallets, directly to our partnered locations.

Best Uses


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Yes, our ice goes through an advanced filtration process that filters out impurities and is tested regularly. Our facilities adhere to strict hygiene standards as well.

Ice will not expire, a sealed bag of ice can remain in good quality for several months if kept frozen with the correct temperature & air conditions. For optimal freshness we recommend to use bagged ice within a few weeks of purchase.

You can find us at any of our partnered locations around the state of Florida or you can pick up at any of our locations. Learn More