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10 pound block ice

Block Ice

Long Lasting Freezing Power!

Lee’s Ice offers premium 10 pound block ice, made with the same purified water but a different and much slower freezing process for increased density. Blocks of ice will melt slower and will make sure your items will always stay cold for extended periods of time. It is available for pickup at our locations in OrlandoSarasota & Cocoa

Best Uses

Ice Sculptures

Seafood Displays

Extended Cold Storage

Pick Up Some Block Ice Today!

Avaliable at These Locations:


Yes, but we require a minimum order of $300. Give us a call to schedule a delivery!

Depending on the conditions in which its kept, block ice can last several days.

– Block ice gives customers a long lasting cooling solution that can be used for days when kept in the correct conditions. 

– Bagged ice is a more versatile option and is better used for short-term cooling.